Our Mission

We built a bridge for industries and enterprises to realize cross-industry collaboration, with the goal of creating high-quality AI solutions and leading the way into Industry 4.0.

In the future, we are going to be able to serve thousands of industries and offer millions of AI solutions with a vast and ever-expanding dataset.

Starting at defect detection, we are expanding into robot pick and place, predictive maintenance, smart voice interaction, supply chain and much more.

Our technology


Computational Method

Extracts large amounts of Relevant Data

Patented by VisionX CTO and Founder Dr. Harry Gu

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Federated Learning

Collaborative Machine Learning

Open Design Decentralized Secure

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The World's Largest Dataset of Surface Images Across Multiple Industries

Database 129K+ Total Meta Dataset 1 million+

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Decentralized and Distributed Database

  • Allows rewarding data, model, contributors and business transparency
  • VNX Blockchain is based on Ethereum (ERC-20)
  • The VisionX (VNX) based AI marketplace is sechedule to launch in early 2020
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Our Strategies

To lead Industry 4.0 and High-End Manufacturing

Robotic Pick & Set

Estimated to be worth $47,3 Billion by 2020

Industry 4.0

Anticipated to reach $4 Trillion by 2020

Visual Inspection

Costs China $350 Billion annually

Our Features

Fast Integration

Quick and ready-to-use enterprise solutions


We offer adjusting hardware specification and industry-matching databases

Patent Protection

Guaranteed competitive advantage