X-industry Collaboration Platform for
High Performance AI Solutions

A sustainable, blockchain based incentive ecosystem to boost the best AI solutions & datasets across each industry AND for each customer

Huge & underserved Market for Industry AI

Industry 4.0/Intelligent Manufacturing: US $4 trillion by 2020
Visual inspection: $350 billion annual cost just in China
Predictive maintenance: $7.9 billion by 2020
Robot object pick & place: $47.3 billion USD by 2020

Broad Industry AI Applications

Consumer electronics, mining, automobile, aviation, medical supply,
steel, furniture, textiles, retail, ecommerce…

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VisionX bridges companies across industries for AI Solutions

VisionX establishes a vision of “X”, providing a sustainable and incentive-driven blockchain-based ecosystem that bridges companies to boost the best AI and data solutions across each industry, multiple industries AND for each customer. This tokenized incentive system includes both token reward and a unique future profit sharing to reward contributors for the real value of their contributions. For example, contributions such as quality data, cleansing, annotation, data relevancy discovery, AI dataset building, AI solution building and AI solution sales will all be rewarded by tokens and recorded on the blockchain. Leveraging our ecosystem, companies and organizations can collaborate for AI solutions addressing common needs and yet obtain customizable solutions for their own specific use cases.


Industry AI: Huge & Underserved Markets

Industry 4.0
  • $4 Trillion by 20201
  • Data: $42 billion by 20182
Visual inspection
  • 60m inspectors in China2
  • $350 billion annual cost

Robot pick & place

  • $47.3 billion by 20203

Visual Defect Inspection X Industries

VisionX provides a meta AI solution for visual abnormality inspection across industries. Currently there are 60 million employees working on visual inspection in China alone, which cost $350 billion USD a year. And the average accuracy rate in visual defect inspection is about 60-70 percent with traditional method. The current addressable market for visual abnormality inspection covers across a variety of industries, including but not limited to consumer electronics, mining, automobile, aviation, medical supply, steel, furniture, textiles, processed food and so forth. Our meta dataset for these industries currently contains over a million images to train the algorithm to detect abnormalities like scratches, dents, pin holes, fiber patterns, broken seals, or aging components. By using AI solution with the existing dataset, VisionX will decrease the inspection cost significantly, and increase the accuracy rate to 95 percent. The similar AI solutions will apply to other areas such as robotic pick-and-place, predictive maintenance, data curation, and eventually any AI need across industries.


Consumer Electronics

  • Defects on parts & finished products, scratches, dent, pin holes etc.
  • Missing parts or accessories
  • Welding, PCB quality


  • Scratch in textile and pin detection in zip

  • Fiber patterns in weaving, knitting, finishing, printing



  • Various materials: Steel, wood, plastic etc.

  • Scratches, crazing, inclusion, patches, pitted surface, rolled-in scale etc.



  • Mining roof/wall leaks, transport belt cracks

  • Aviation, metal, steel, belt aging, cracks

  • Tech support/ predictive maintenance 



  • Defects on parts & finished products

  • Scratch defects on metal gaskets for safety belts



  • LED, LCD, solar panel scratches, black pixels Solar Panel

  • Internal bubbles in a rubber seal

Ready to use X-INDUSTRY BASE AI solutions


Initial focus on visual defect inspection with 95+% accuracy: common problem across many industries, huge market


Building the largest/best quality X-Industry visual defect dataset




Dataonomy algorithm continues discovering relevant data, growing our X-industry dataset & improving AI accuracy


Turnkey solutions, deploy in days, ~30% lower cost than competitor



Customizable to perform best for each customer


Our BASE AI solution can be improved to 99.97% accuracy with additional customer data, benefiting the customer & the industry


Decentralize cloud-edge AI computing: train large neural network in the cloud, and adapt solutions to each customer at the edge


Customers data contribution benefit AI solution for themselves and X-industry base AI solution



Sustainable, blockchain based incentive ecosystem to stimulate X-Industry participation


Establish a blockchain based ecosystem to incentivize X-Industry participation




Reward VNX token for data/solution/service contributions; Token + profit sharing, per records on blockchain



Customers data contribution benefit AI solution for themselves and X-industry base AI solution