Open Letter to the Community

On behalf of VisionX, I am writing an open letter to the community as I vowed to be completely transparent about our process and share exactly what we are doing strategically. Spending my entire career enveloped in the financial realm, I am predominately concerned with the usage and allocation of funding, calculating runway and forecasting revenue projections against our cash burn.

I released the framework of the 4 waves, which has now turned into 5, in a methodical and structured way. The waves have been planned for the last two months with the VisionX Board and a couple members from DeepBrainChain’s management. As you know, today our buy-back and burn program was officially released. It was a significant dollar commitment. To be clear, the majority of our funding is currently absorbed and committed to developing our proprietary AI tech.

This is why the second wave was planned and released in this order. I had previously mentioned the use case for a buy-back on twitter to provide transparency to the community. To further clarify, we never previously mentioned or released a buyback program. We had a burner program listed in our white paper, which will be used in conjunction with our newly instated buy-back to maximize reducing the supply. Let me repeat it here, a buy-back is an extremely powerful tool. Here is the excerpt from Twitter:

“Buying back 30% of the circulation exudes the utmost confidence in our business model.”

“Return on Equity- deploying the buyback is an investment in our company. We believe our cash and the projected returns buying back VNX far outweighs other investment opportunities in conjunction with our tech and revenue sourcing”

Additionally, I shared an image about one of the potential partners we are trying to onboard and form a partnership with: JC Penny. To make it clear to the community, this is only one major partnership that I am trying to solidify, and it’s a relatively new development. I provided one thread of communication to instill trust in the community. I wanted to exemplify a small piece of dialogue exchanged and share the marketing efforts we are making behind the scenes. To make it clear, we are in talks with a multitude of Fortune 500 Companies.

Please let me know if you have any questions. I hope this provides some of the answers our community is looking for.

All my best,