Progress Report #1

Dear VisionX Community,

Welcome to the first ever VisionX progress report. We will be detailing our most recent and major developments, including partnerships, exchange listings, technical development, community reward programs and more.

VisionX is the first killer AI app incubated in the DECO (decentralized AI ecosystem of DeepBrain Chain and DeepToken Exchange). VisionX utilizes a vast and ever‐expanding dataset to provide cross‐industry AI solutions with greater accuracy, efficiency and cost‐effectiveness (boasting savings of up to 30%) than traditional counterparts.

Our current focus is on visual defect inspection, with our patent‐pending Dataonomy algorithms developed to allow industries such as electronics, textiles, furniture, steel, mining, automobile and display to benefit from emergent technological advancements. Our aim is to expand our reach to incorporate predictive maintenance, pick and place robotics, data curation, cross industry exhibition planning and much more. Boasting tailored solutions for the nuanced requirements of different industries as they prepare for the new era of AI, VisionX will lead the development of a new paradigm powered by blockchain and optimal, customized Artificial Intelligence solutions.

VisionX Improves on the Accuracy of Tesla’s Battery Defect Inspection

The defect detection technology that is currently being used by one of Tesla’s battery providers in Japan was an invention of Dr. Haisong Gu, Chief Technical Officer of VisionX. With VisionX’s latest AI developments, traditional battery defect detection technology will be replaced by a more efficient, accurate and cost‐effective AI detection solution.

VisionX signs formal cooperation with China State‐Owned Mining Conglomerate

The China Coal and Science Engineering Group Co., Ltd. (Changzhou) central enterprise signed a strategic cooperation agreement with VisionX, one of our first DECO incubated projects. The group consists of the China Coal International Engineering Research Institute and the General Coal Research Institute of China National Coal Research Co, Ltd. The two central enterprises merged together as a conglomerate for increased expedience, financial support and efficiency in 2008. The enterprise has over 5000 coal mines currently in operation and functions under the direct supervision of the State-owned and backed Assets Supervision and Administration Council Commission. As an active enterprise with substantial financial support and revenue, their involvement with VisionX is extremely exciting news.

As one aspect of the partnership, VisionX will develop visual inspection technology with tailored solutions for mining operations. Within the next three years, the current system of manual inspection is expected to be replaced by the AI visual inspection technology developed by VisionX, providing drastically increased accuracy and efficiency to a major industry pressure point and opening up avenues for serious financial alleviation with its cost‐effective solutions.

VisionX strives to predict, or otherwise identify in a timely manner, abnormal or sub‐optimal conditions with respect to operations. Utilizing deep‐learning, as compared to the traditional digitalized data network, it will be able to predict or report the abnormal data such as coal transport belt anomalies and data regarding underground gas, then provide this information directly to operation managers, improving operation efficiency and safety and reducing risk of halts in production required to either to discover or solve operational issues.

VisionX Reaches Agreement with Huaibei Normal University to Promote Big Data Analysis for Development of Cancer Treatments

As one of the first users of the DeepBrain Chain platform, Huaibei Normal University has recently coordinated an agreement with VisionX to to utilize our Artificial Intelligence solutions in conjunction with DeepBrain Chain’s computing platform to efficiently and accurately analyze breast cancer treatment options.

DeepBrain Chain’s Silicon Valley Lab Receives Two Significant Strategic Investments

On November 10th, DeepBrain Chain’s Silicon Valley Lab reported that it has received two significant strategic investments. One by an undisclosed European-American giant, and the other by established and renowned Gobi Venture Capital operating out of seven offices around the globe.

The investments will assist the development of both DeepBrain Chain and, as an incubated project of the Silicon Valley lab, VisionX.

VisionX and DeepBrain Chain Partner with Ebiztie

On the 7th of November, VisionX, DeepBrain Chain and Ebiztie, Inc. announced a strategic partnership. We will be engaged in a joint effort to improve the R&D effectiveness of Taobase, an Ebiztie company, by leveraging the decentralized artificial intelligent (AI) computing platform developed by DeepBrain Chain, the AI+blockchain company that incubated VisionX. VisionX and Ebiztie will also work together to improve cross-country collaboration between AI companies and small and medium sized manufacturing companies with the development of smart contract technologies in industry AI.

VisionX and DeepBrain Chain Sign Cooperation Agreement with Japan SBF Consulting Co., Ltd.

SBF Consulting Co., Ltd. recently signed a cooperation agreement with VisionX and DeepBrain Chain to jointly promote the application of both project’s innovative technologies in Japanese companies, thereby assisting in the acceleration of the transition into Industry 4.0

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VisionX Begins First Listing on Exchanges

VisionX has begun listing on its first exchanges. With a slight delay on the Houbi Cloud implementation for DeepToken Exchange, VisionX has listed on several exchanges beforehand.

 Kucoin exchange, available trading pairs are VNX/BTC and NVX/ETH.

⦁ LBank exchange, available trading pairs are VNX/BTC and VNX/LBCN.

 CoinBene exchange, available trading pair is VNX/BTC

⦁ Bitget exchange, available trading pair is VNX/BTC

⦁ IDCM Exchange, available trading pairs are VNX/BTC and VNX/ETH

We are very excited to begin listing, and these quality exchanges will provide a lot of volume and exposure for the project. As soon as development allows, we will be listing VNX on DeepToken Exchange.

VisionX GDIS 2018 Speech

Chief AI Officer Dr. Dongyan Wang and Chief Technical Officer Dr. Haisong Gu presented VisionX at GDIS 2018 in Silicon Valley. Speaking to a crowd of industry experts and enthusiasts, VisionX premiered a live demo of its visual inspection technology, demonstrating its ability to save tremendous amounts of money across multiple industries with its increased accuracy and reduced cost as compared to traditional methods of visual inspection. Dr. Wang and Dr. Gu also discussed the ultimate vision of the company, and detailed its plans to tap into various needs across industries for the application of emergent technology to provide solutions to areas that can benefit greatly from innovation in the coming era of Industry 4.0.

VisionX holds X-Hub Meet-up and Showcases the Project’s Innovative Technology

On November 9th, VisionX hosted a meet-up in Silicon Valley wherein they discussed the latest trends of Artificial Intelligence and blockchain technology with enthusiasts and experts. The VisionX team demonstrated VisionX’s drastically improved efficiency and cost-effectiveness as compared to competitors, highlighting the particular pressure points the technology can alleviate across multiple industries.

VisionX attends Artificial Intelligence Frontier Conference

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From November 9th of November 11th, the DeepBrain Chain Silicon Valley lab brought VisionX to the 2018 AI Frontier Conference. Showcasing the project to to world-class AI companies and esteemed universities, VisionX took the opportunity to demonstrate the innovative technologies multitude of applications to investors and enthusiasts alike.

VisionX Technological Development

⦁ Defect inspection algorithm Dataonomy was used to create a high-precision, customized model for steel and coal conveyor belt defect inspection for customers in the steel and coal industries.

⦁ By balancing the size of each data set, the basic modeling method and computational efficiency of Dataonomy is improved.

⦁ VisionX designed a method for conveyor belt jam and pipe anomaly detection for mines to improve efficiency of visual inspection technology. In response to the requirements of partners and a number of coal companies, VisionX detailed research plans for gas monitoring and early warning systems were formulated to assist coal mines in conducting safety warnings and reducing accident rates.

⦁ VisionX team will develop the first version of the online defect detection product to support future customers’ confirmation of defects remotely.

⦁ The VisionX technical paper was submitted to the Japan Computer Vision Conference (View2018) and received a high evaluation from the conference review panel. It is scheduled to be officially released on December 7th.

VisionX Addresses Community Directly in Two Broadcasts Directed at our Chinese Community

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On the 28th of October, VisionX CTO Dr. Haisong Gu and Senior Operations Manager, Kahlen, held a live broadcast for our Chinese audience to discuss technical aspects of VisionX as well as immediate development plans.

On November 2nd, VisionX CAO Dr. Dongyan Wang and Senior Operations Manager, Kahlen, presented to our Chinese community via live broadcast on TokenClub. Dr. Wang also discussed technical aspects of the project, our vision for the application of the technology across multiple industries worldwide, and the way in which we aim to achieve said vision.

Both broadcasts attracted a large amount of attention and interaction, and we received a lot of positive sentiment from our Chinese community.

VisionX Community Engages in Creative Participation Competition

Since launch, VisionX’s global community has demonstrated a keen interest and skill in the creation of VisionX themed contributions in the form of stickers, animations, photos, videos and more. We are extremely pleased to see the enthusiasm and creativity on display.

Check out this glass bottle engraving by Telegram community member Finn Verst:

VisionX Article Writing Competition

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From the 1st of November to the 30th of November, VisionX is running an article bounty competition. In order to encourage the community to show off their knowledge of the project as well as their writing ability, we are accepting submissions for articles relating to VisionX. The best submissions will receive publication on our media accounts as well as full credit. There are also VNX rewards on offer for top place finishes.

Follow the link for more details and to submit your articles:

VisionX Receives Positive Review by KOL Altcoin Buzz

On October 31st, popular ICO review platform Altcoin Buzz published a detailed, extensive review of VisionX, including all of its individual components and departments. VisionX recieved a strong score of 75/100. The review received wide circulation among social media channels and spread a lot of project awareness globally.

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You can read the review here:

Thanks for reading the first ever VisionX Progress Report. We hope you found it informative and engaging. Keep an eye out for more news and developments in the near future as we continue to progress with the project’s development.

Tomasz Zieliński

Website Owner & Content Creator