Progress Report #2


  1. VisionX attended the Blockchain + AI + IoT Expo (North America) on 11/28/2018 and 11/29/2018. As a keynote speaker of the event, Dr. Dongyan Wang, co-founder of VisinoX, introduced the project and discussed about different use cases across industries.


2. Dr. Haisong Gu, co-founder of VisionX presented the project at VieW2018 conference in Japan. VisionX has attracted a lot of attention from industry users with the need of visual defect inspection. Compared with traditional solutions that focus on easy-to-detect visual abnormity on smooth surfaces, VisionX will enable complex and cross-industry visual abnormity inspection. Also VisionX’s solutions will greatly improve the inspection accuracy. Dr. Gu and the team at VisionX has had in-depth discussions with potential customer from various industries such as steel, automotive, agriculture, and chip manufacturing.



  1. The memes competition in the VisionX community is coming to an end. The community members have voted for their favorite memes, and the winners will be awarded with VNX tokens. Our creative community members have created a lot of fun and interactive memes for VisionX.

  2. During the holiday season, some of the VisionX community members have shared their creative holiday decors infused with VisionX mission. Telegram user John Ross has shared the festive mason jar lighting he made, and we want to thank him and the community for their continuous support of VisionX!



  1. We improved base model training efficiency of visual defect inspection (Dataonomy) by decreasing the required number of dataset from 500K to 50K. When tested on two different types of visual defect inspection with the base model trained with the improved dataset, the accuracy rate was 100% for both.

  2. From software development side, we improved object tracking and estimation via YOLO.

  3. We met with a variety of hardware providers at the VieW2018 conference, and will explore further partnership with those providers in hardware development and turnkey solution development.

Partnership and Investment

  1. VisionX continues to partner with China Coal Technology & Engineering Group Corp. to build smart coal mining strategies. VisionX will start with coal blockage inspection by implementing its AI solution to increase the inspection accuracy while reducing the labor cost and safety hazard.

  2. Japan-China AI·IoT Industry Alliance will partner with VisionX to promote AI training in Japan and help the local companies and workforce to learn and apply AI technologies.


Tomasz Zieliński

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