Progress Report #4

As the year of 2019 arrives, the development of AI is still going at a surprising speed. An all-round AI solution can effectively help traditional companies optimize their procedures, raise efficiency, lower their cost, control risks in their manufacturing environment and so on. VisionX hopes to contribute to the industrial industry in the new year to help push their developments. 


VisionX and DeepBrain Chain attended Nepcon,

1. On invitation from HuBrain, VisionX and DeepBrain Chain attended the 2019 Japan International R&D and Manufacturing Electronics and Tech Conference NEPCON JAPAN 2019.

So far, HuBrain has already integrated VisionX’s AI software into its quality inspection system. HuBrain is a well-known image quality inspection specialist manufacturer in Japan and also a supplier of image inspection software to big factories working for Tesla.

HuBrain hopes to optimize AI quality inspection function with VisionX’s product and add more functions to expand their customer base.

Dev Progress

Through Dataonomy - Technology Training Can Achieve An Inspection Model That Can Be Used At Multiple Scenarios With High Accuracy

1. Based on the very little original image data provided by a Japanese porcelain manufacturer, using Dataonomy technology to complete the training of a porcelain surface defect detection model with an accuracy rate of 95%;
 2. Based on the very little original image data provided by a Japanese metal manufacture, using Dataonomy technology to complete training of a metal surface defect detection model, with an accuracy rate of 99%. 

Software Development

 1. The team developed surface defect detection models for metal and porcelain with a demo video shown at the NEPCON JAPAN 2019 from Jan 16th — 18th.

AI Project Collaborations

 1. Due to the collapse at Shaanxi’s Shenmu Coal mine on January 12th, VisionX has speed up the collaboration with the coal mine supervising department at Shenmu area, designing 5 AI detection function for finding out potential security risks to be developed, as well as collecting the necessary data and forming the team to complete the development. 
 2. Adding VisionX’s Dataonomy and image quality inspection technology into AI training courses, start training all levels of tech personnel for VIsionX’s quality control related products as part of the effort to help with VisionX’s penetration into different industries.

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VisionX, industrial AI chain, is a cross-industry high-performance AI collaboration platform, is the first AI+Blockchain project the DeepBrain Chain Silicon Valley lab has incubate. It has the single biggest and quality image dataset, uses a Unique taxonomy algorithm to complete a cross-industry AI solution fit for all. VisionX uses product surface defect visual detection as a breaking point, to gradually branch off to machine arm grab and pick, preventative maintenance, intelligent speech, supply chain and other fields. In the future it will serve thousands of industries offering AI solutions and data worth millions. 
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