Progress Report #7

Marketing & Collaboration 

  • As an AI solution platform, the collection, annotation and organization of all kinds of data is an important service of VisionX. Recently, VisionX completed the network of collection and annotation of data in Japan and other East Asian countries, generating its first revenue from data crowdsourcing service. Through this, VisionX has also helped to build the DBC community from this network consisting of Japanese and overseas Chinese in Japan. 

  • DeepBrain Chain has signed a partnership agreement with the global data service organization: REFUNITE. REFUNITE will become an important part of VisionX’s decentralized data crowdsourcing on the platform and supply high efficiency data annotation work for VisionX’s visual inspection solutions.

  • VisionX’s partner MentorX has started the second phase of AI engineer internship based on DBC. VisionX will use AI projects currently being developed by the team to give interns hands-on, challenging AI developing experience. Meanwhile, as an open platform, VNX will open source parts of the result of any AI development to attract global VNX community to participate in the development of industry 4.0.

  • Conducted pre-research on gas index predictive technology from gas relevant data in the China Coal Technology Engineering Group case. As well as discussing the details and goals of the collaboration on tech development and research.

  • VNX is working with hardware manufacturer and provided first high-end commercialized medical implant auto-sorting system proposal to the leading medical implant giant in China. 

Tech Development 

Defect Detection (Dataonomy):

  • The visual inspection team completed development of the first AI smart quality inspection system based on Federated Learning(FL). This system can protect user’s data and lighten the computation burden on client end, and its framework has a wide application in the future. This in turn can lead to needs for DeepBrain Chain’s computing power.

  • The team submitted the latest research result to “ International conference of Image and Recognition“ (ICIAR2019) for publication.

  • VisionX’s AI software will be integrated into a quality inspection system. In order to whole sale VNX’s software, VisionX has designed and developed AI quality inspection module, based on Japanese partner Hubrain’s request, and such software is being integrated into Hu-Dra in the first phase. Hu-Dra has thousands of sales each year.


Visual Anomaly Inspection:

  • Design product auto-sorting system for medical implant supplier, developed multiple object-identifying software.

  • Using the latest Deep Learning model to optimize the accuracy and speed in object-identifying.

AI based preventive detection:

According to VNX 2019’s roadmap, VisionX assembled the AI prediction team, to start research on AI preventive detection technology and product development.

Based on client’s needs, the AI prediction team is currently researching the following topics:

  • Environment surveillance and warning: coal, gas outlook prediction; 

  •  Smart AI finance prediction: using long and short-term memory (LSTM) of finance timeline Deep Learning framework to conduct smart finance investment advice;

  • Bio-health big data: based on data discovery technology to develop individualized breast cancer patent’s treatment plan;

  • ECG heart attack AI diagnosis.

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VisionX, industrial AI chain, is a cross-industry high-performance AI collaboration platform, is the first AI+Blockchain project the DeepBrain Chain Silicon Valley lab has incubate. It has the single biggest and quality image dataset, uses a Unique taxonomy algorithm to complete a cross-industry AI solution fit for all. VisionX uses product surface defect visual detection as a breaking point, to gradually branch off to machine arm grab and pick, preventative maintenance, intelligent speech, supply chain and other fields. In the future it will serve thousands of industries offering AI solutions and data worth millions. 

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