VisionX Secures Direct Investment & Signs Strategic Partnership with Delshad Development Group

The management of VisionX is proud to announce that we have signed and secured a Direct Investment & Strategic Partnership with Delshad Development Group on May 24th, 2019. Managing Partner, Andrew Delshad, runs a Real Estate Portfolio worth $50 million dollars comprised of both Commercial and Residential properties New York City metro area.

The VisionX Team is allocating 100% of the direct investment towards building out our AI solution algorithm. As part of the partnership agreement, we have agreed to deploy our meta dataset to assist Delshad Development Group in detecting visual abnormalities in the material components (steel, wood and metal) the company is using for construction, as our AI solution is highly useful for Property Management Companies.

This collaboration brings us new opportunities in the fields connecting AI and streamlining Real Estate Development. We look forward to providing our visual inspection solutions to Delshad Development Group.

About Delshad Development Group

Delshad Development Group is a multifaceted construction and investment firm that handles all aspects of Residential and Commercial Real Estate. The group maintains a symbiotic partnership with their sister companies Lorenzo Construction and EFD Management to simplify logistics, improve quality and drive down costs. Delshad Development group has access to individual and institutional private equity, and works closely with financiers who provide debt sourcing in the form of construction loans, bridge loans and mezzanine loans.

Their specialties include:

Construction Management

General Contracting

Commercial Construction

Multi-Unit Construction

Design-Build Services

Commercial Real Estate Acquisition

Facility Management Solutions

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VisionX, industrial AI chain, is a cross-industry high-performance AI collaboration platform, is the first AI+Blockchain project the DeepBrain Chain Silicon Valley lab has incubate. It has the single biggest and quality image dataset, uses a Unique taxonomy algorithm to complete a cross-industry AI solution fit for all. VisionX uses product surface defect visual detection as a breaking point, to gradually branch off to machine arm grab and pick, preventative maintenance, intelligent speech, supply chain and other fields. In the future it will serve thousands of industries offering AI solutions and data worth millions. 

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