Progress Report #5

Thank you all for clicking in to read, here are some updates from the VisionX team over the past few weeks:


VisionX attended the 2019 NEPCON on invitation from our Japanese partner HuBrain. This year’s NEPCON was the biggest in Asia in the electronic technology and devices’ field, a total of more than 2,600 companies attended. VisionX team demonstrated image recognition technology based on AI that is used for defect detection.

VisionX demo on display

VisionX demo on display

Quality inspection integrators from Korea, Taiwan and Shenzhen were all showing interest and asked to become strategic partners with VisionX in order to represent VNX’s AI solution software in their respective sales area.

Harry Gu Presenting on behalf of VisionX

Harry Gu Presenting on behalf of VisionX

Investment Collaboration

 1. VisionX had further conversations with Sanlian Transportation. Together with our strategic partner, Anhui Sanlian University, VisionX will develop auto detection technology for vehicle violations using their visual inspection technology;
 2. VisionX spoke to the person in charge of a China state-owned corporation in the industrial and education industry, the said corporation’s material manufacturing factory needs VNX’s technology to realize smart inspection, raising the quality of their manufactured goods and reduce human resource costs;
 3. China Coal Technology Engineering Group and VisionX discussed further for the co-development of a project, reaching consensus on the goals, development period, resource needed and the market size for future;
 4. VisionX team visits once again the Shanghai Sanyou Med — a leading orthopedic medical implant company in China. VisionX examined their products and identified their needs from the visual inspection technology to confirm the next step and commence appropriate research for the project. Both parties will work closely together to power China’s medical device industry with AI.

Technology Development 

 1. Further optimize dataset and algorithm, lower the amount of data needed for training Base Model from 500 different sets to 50 different sets (ImageNet), using the corresponding 50 sets in different industries to create a cross-industry Base Model;

2. Conducted porcelain surface defect detection model training and raising inspection rate;
 3. Software development wise, using YOLO algorithm to conduct work goals and violation inspection at coal mines.

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VisionX, industrial AI chain, is a cross-industry high-performance AI collaboration platform, is the first AI+Blockchain project the DeepBrain Chain Silicon Valley lab has incubate. It has the single biggest and quality image dataset, uses a Unique taxonomy algorithm to complete a cross-industry AI solution fit for all. VisionX uses product surface defect visual detection as a breaking point, to gradually branch off to machine arm grab and pick, preventative maintenance, intelligent speech, supply chain and other fields. In the future it will serve thousands of industries offering AI solutions and data worth millions. 
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