VisionX has built a bridge for industries and enterprises to realize cross-industry collaboration with the goal of creating high-quality AI solutions and leading the way into Industry 4.0. In the future, VisionX will be able to serve thousands of industries and offer millions of AI solutions with a vast and ever-expanding dataset. Starting at defect detection, VisionX will expand into robot pick and place, predictive maintenance, smart voice interaction, supply chain and much more.

  • VisionX's goal is to build the world's largest surface defects detection images recognition database

  • VisionX has the largest and highest-quality image dataset that includes more than 130,000 images and over 1 million meta­data sets

  • We use a Dataonomy algorithm to analyze relevant data with the goal of creating both general­ purpose and tailored AI solutions

  • By doing this, we are able to offer simple and efficient deployment and promises an accuracy rate of more than 95%

  • VisionX will allow savings of up to 30% as compared to competitors that utilize more traditional methods

  • VisionX Technology can be applied to consumer electronics, textiles, furniture, steel, mining, automobile and display industries